At New Era Spine, Dr. Payam Moazzaz is an orthopedic surgeon that applies a decade’s worth of accumulated physician and surgery experience to the diagnosis and treatment of a vast variety of complex spine disorders. Through noninvasive therapies, minimally invasive procedures and select orthopedic surgeries, patients garner a welcome release from the pain that hinders their lives; while all the while regaining the mobility and functionality that allows them to make those lives happy, active and successful. Here you can learn about the various spine conditions that might be causing your pain and stiffness; disorders that include Spinal Cord Tumors, Spinal Infections, Spinal Deformities, Spinal Instability, and others. Through the information found on this website and through personal consultations with the doctor himself, you will learn about the causes of these conditions; their symptoms and effects; and all of the possible ways that they can be alleviated and often cured.  And as you explore each possible course of treatment–whether it takes the form of medication, massage, physical therapy, a specialty procedure (such as injections or implants) or a surgical procedure, you will learn about the risks, side effects and probable short- and long-term effectiveness of each treatment mode. Explore the possibilities with our top notch California spine surgeon today, and start a promising and productive new life; one lived free of back pain.


Spine Orthopedic Surgeon


According to the American Chiropractic Association, half of all Americans report back pain symptoms each year. Eighty percent of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives, and lower back pain…

itself is cited as the single leading cause of disability worldwide. The good news, however, is that major developments in the field of modern medicine have rendered the treatment of back pain far easier and more comfortable than in previous years. Surgery is not needed to remedy and correct every back pain disorder. And today, a good number of back pain sufferers are finding permanent relief through comfortable and noninvasive procedures. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Payam Moazzaz has accumulated a decade of experience in all phases of his chosen specialty, putting his vast storehouse of accumulated knowledge to work in the successful treatment of back pain disorders. Working as a team effort with each individual patient, he seeks to diagnose and resolve their pain in a way that addresses its root cause and results in the long-term restoration of the patient’s mobility and quality of life.  If possible, this caring physician will offer relief via physical therapy or other non-invasive procedure.  Surgery is reserved as a last resort in these cases, and will be administered with the use of all the latest technology to ensure both comfort and quality at all times. Let one of the California area’s top orthopedic professionals set you on an optimum journey to a life free from back pain.


Imagine what would happen if the longest nerve in the body was embroiled in a state of constant pain; a burning sensation that equated pins and needles, hurting, numbing and weakening your lower back, legs and buttocks.

This is the kind of pain suffered by 15-40 percent of the population who live with the chronic back pain condition known as sciatica. This painful ailment strikes the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body that spans from the lower back through the behind and leg all the way to the foot. The good news is that the vast majority of sciatica cases can be treated without surgery. As always, Dr. Payam Moazzaz of New Era Spine will work to find and apply the most high tech and practical noninvasive procedures to the treatment of sciatica patients; with the ultimate objective of alleviating pain symptoms and enhancing mobility. From medication to physical therapy, and even spinal injections to ease inflammation and alleviate pressure on surrounding nerves.


Imagine a unique and innovative brand of back surgery that helps and heals with less pain, smaller incisions, less invasiveness, and greater accuracy and results. Explore the sheer technological marvel of robotic spine surgery.

Robotic surgery represents the highest order of advanced, minimally invasive surgical options. Through the use of ultra modern imaging technology, doctors can explore the spine to diagnose and pinpoint the health issue that needs to be addressed; without the poking and prodding that generally takes place throughout the course of traditional surgery. Then, miniature surgical instruments are inserted through small incisions by way of robotic arms; permitting the surgeon an unparalleled and revolutionary range of motion and precision. A high-definition, three-dimensional camera serves to guide and direct the attending physician, who navigates the surgical procedure by way of a high tech monitor and console; supplying an unparalleled and literal inside view of the patient’s back as the doctor performs every move of the surgery with the aid of their robotic counterpart.
Any number of complex spinal procedures can be performed through the technological magic of robotic surgery. These include spinal fusion, scoliosis surgery, discectomy, sciatica surgery, spinal trauma surgery, surgeries to treat complex spine disorders and spinal instability, laminectomy, etc.
Regardless of the exact nature and purpose of your robotic spine surgery, you can be assured that your procedure will involve less scarring, trauma, infection, and recovery time than more conventional surgical methods.
Through his decade’s worth of experience in the orthopedic field, Dr. Payam Moazzaz has become an expert in the exciting field of robotic spine surgery. If all noninvasive, nonsurgical modes of treatment prove ineffective, he will guide the patient through this gentle and effective procedure; ultimately setting them back on the all-important path toward health and mobility. Contact New Era Spine today to arrange a consultation on the subject of robotic spine surgery.

Complex Spine Disorders

When someone seeks permanent relief from a back pain disorder, they’re looking for far more than a quick cure. Indeed, what the back pain patient truly desires is a full return to a complete, active and productive life; an existence free from pain, strain, stiffness, and lack of mobility.

At New Era Spine, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Payam Moazzaz delivers permanent therapeutic solutions to all too common back and spine disorders; combining a decade’s worth of experience in his chosen field with all of the new and latest technology in the area of orthopedic science. By administering personalized and highly proficient care by way of minimally invasive and specialty procedures, he empowers patients to live and move again–once again living life to the fullest, and free of disabling pain and discomfort.  Moreover, Dr. Moazzaz aims to educate the patient regarding the causes, specific symptoms and possible solutions to any number of orthopedic disorders; and, furthermore, any known risk factors associated with these disorders. These include Spinal Deformities, Spinal Instability, Spinal Cord Tumors, Spinal Infections, and others. Your journey towards a mobile, productive and pain-free life begins in the office of this seasoned and top notch San Diego spine surgeon.

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, is a disease that–according to the National Scoliosis Foundation–afflicts more than 4 million people across the United States. And while scoliosis is commonly identified as a children’s disease, and is indeed the most common deformity in school-aged

children, Bone and Joint Burden. Org reports that 229,000 adults were diagnosed with this ailment in 2011 ( Symptoms of this all too common spinal condition can include asymmetrical posture, pain in the back, legs, and neck, headaches, muscle tension, and even lung dysfunction ( Treatments for scoliosis are many and varied, ranging from therapy to surgery, and will depend on the severity of the condition. Dr. Payam Moazzaz specializes in the treatment of scoliosis and the related spine condition known as kyphosis, and ranks indeed as one of the premiere spine surgeons in the state of California. Work with him to educate you about scoliosis and to diagnose and determine the severity of your scoliosis condition, before exploring together the possible treatment options to alleviate the effects of this life-altering condition. You will learn, furthermore, about sensible and practical ways in which you can develop and maintain your spine health. Live, learn and heal today at New Era Spine!


The International Association for the Study of Pain defines Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) as lumbar spinal pain that persists even after surgery has taken place

( And in a medical industry that sometimes finds physicians overly eager to perform surgeries for everything save the common cold, this syndrome is an all too common condition. In fact, approximately 20-40 percent of chronic back pain patients suffer from FBSS, with spinal fusions and disc surgeries emerging among the most problematic surgical procedures in this category.  People who undergo more than one back surgery have even less success, with only 30% of second spine surgeries, 15% of third surgeries, and 5% of fourth surgeries working out to best results, according to Practical Pain Management.Com (
At New Era Spine, Dr. Payam Moazzaz is uniquely qualified to aid patients suffering from FBSS; those whose failed back surgeries have caused more of the pain they were trying to resolve in the first place. As opposed to simply prescribing a second surgery that may help even less than the first, Dr. Moazzaz will work with the patient to discover the reason behind the failure of their surgery; and, even more importantly, just how to bring a final and successful resolution to the patient’s nagging back pain and/or acute discomfort.
After investigating the source of the problem via an MRI, Dr. Moazzaz will work with the patient to explore possible remedies for their FBSS condition. They might benefit from pain injections, physical therapies, spinal stimulation implants, various medications, etc. In the rare instance that a corrective surgery is required, this skilled physician will apply his advanced knowledge of robotic spine surgery and other minimally invasive techniques to find the best ultimate resolution for the patient’s Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.
At New Era Spine, Dr. Moazzaz is committed to finding the ultimate resolution for a patient’s failed back pain surgery condition.

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What our clients say

Hilda L
San Marcos, CA

I was suffering from neck pain for years. I tried physical therapy. I took two shots of edpidural injections. None of that helped. Dr. Moazzaz explained my problems to me clearly, he answered my questions fully, and he addressed all of my concerns patiently. The surgery was performed for L4 to L6, & it was a success ! Dr. Moazzaz is more than a great doctor. He is a caring, kind, & gentle person, that shines through his work. The nurse is always courteous, I couldn’t ask for a better team.

Rich W.
San Marcos, CA

Neck broke, spinal cord and nerves compression, damaged disks, and sciatica pain was my companion 24/7, I was a mess. Several surgical procedures, some robotic at Tri City Medical, I have a renewed outlook on living. My wife and I now looking forward to retirement where we plan on travel, riding bikes, hiking, zip lining, etc. Dr. Moazzaz is truly passionate about his profession, exceptionally skilled and a very caring physician, I would not hesitate recommending to family and friends.

Lisa G
Ramona, CA

An OUTSTANDING success! Dr. Moazzaz performed two spinal fusions, L4-L5, L5-S1, and a laminectomy. Arrived Friday morning 7:00 am for surgery. Woke up that afternoon, walked the hallway around 4:00pm–PAIN-FREE! Dr. Moazzaz always answered my questions, shared his knowledge about my condition, and the procedure. I always felt informed about my care. Debbie, his assistant, was patient, kind, terrific! Incredibly thankful for this successful surgery, and the gifted Dr. Moazzaz!

Steve D
Oceanside, CA

Dr. Moazzas answered all of my questions and discussed the x-rays and the results, which showed a complete success. He spent as much time with me as I needed during every appointment. His staff continued to warmly welcome us. Dr. Moazzas provided practical strategies during the surgery recovery and demonstrated that I was a person, and just a “number”. What a refreshing experience. I was so satisfied, I was immediately recommending him and his staff to others. I received the best care possible

Robert Muir
Vista, CA

Outsdaning. Lower back surgery. Recovery time minimal. Problems sesolved. Would highly recommend without any qualifications

Robert Muir
Vista, CA

This doctor was outstanding! Little or no pain after major back surgery. Recovery time was remarkable. A year out from the surgery doing fine and problems resolved. If I had do do it over again he would be my choice.

Benetta Miller

Best surgeon!!
5 years ago I was in severe back pain and actually using a cane and a walker in my 40’s! I heard about the minimally invasive robotics surgery and was referred to Dr Moazzaz. From the first appt. to my very involved surgery I had excellent care. I only expected and would have been happy with 30 percent pain relief….but after just 9 months post op and to this day a few aspirin is all I need now and then. I went back just 1 month ago for my cervical stenosis and have a plan to take care of that as well. I highly recommend Dr Moazzaz and his staff. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Donna Maxwell

Best surgeon hands down. . Fused my lower back robotically at Tri-City Hospital. And today I have absolutely nothing to complain about, great staff Erica was so precise it getting everything done in a timely manner. I would recommend this doctor to anyone I’m so grateful my insurance allowed me to fall in his hands. Feeling Blessed. 4 1/2 months ago😊

lisa gutierrez

It has been almost one year since Dr. Moazzaz performed surgery on my back. It was an OUTSTANDING success.

Frank A. Currie

Excellent spine surgeon. We’ve only been there once but it is obvious to see the quality of care throughout.

Middle F.

I cannot say enough good things about OSNC and Dr. Moazzaz. I was treated for a back injury and Dr. Moazzazperformed a L5-S1 microdiscectomy in August 2015. From the second I met him it was obvious how competent and professional he is. Not only that, but he is extremely polite, punctual, and caring. While he is the star of my experience, every single interaction I had with the office was beyond all expectations. His office manager Toni is incredible. She was able to expedite my insurance approval, and I firmly believe it is because she took ownership of my care – she saw how much pain I was in and made all efforts to help! I also want to commend the nurses and appointment staff, they work very hard and made everything as simple as possible.

Silverfox L.

Dr. Moazzaz is very attentive and really listens to your concerns while explaining things simply and to the point with care. He understands what you are going through and is compassionate about what you should choose to do/ options available.The office personnel are great at getting back to you even though they are a busy office, they call you back on time and take care of everything on their end efficiently. My appointments are always taken on time as well.
Thank you

Cathy M.

As a very active 65 year old woman, I never expected to end up with 3 fused lumbar vertebrae. After exhaustive efforts by the team at Orthopaedic Specialists of North County, I decided my only escape from the unbearable pain of pinched nerves and advancing scoliosis (much to my surprise!) was to opt for the surgery. From “soup to nuts” it was the best decision I ever made and that is due exclusively to the care and professionalism of Dr. Payam Moazzaz. From the diagnosis through the surgery and after care, I have received nothing but the finest attention to detail and honest prompt answers to a myriad of questions. I have already recommended Dr. Moazzaz to a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. In fact, I offered to be a point of contact, in regard to my experience, for anyone in a similar situation. The doctor’s assistant, Lindsey, walks on water, as far as I’m concerned and the entire experience was honest, open, helpful, professional…and a miracle for my well being and future active life.