38 spine surgeons under 40 to know

These surgeons are among young leaders in the spine field today. Many were chief residents and underwent prestigious spine and neurological surgery fellowships.
The list was developed based on publicly-solicited recommendations and editorial research. Please contact Laura Dyrda with questions.

DISC Sports & Spine, SCA form joint venture

DISC has built a reputation for performing both routine and complex outpatient surgeries efficiently, while providing outstanding patient care and clinical outcomes. With this track record and expertise, DISC is the ideal partner to support SCA in furthering our mission to improve healthcare in America

Lower resident hours do impact spine surgery outcomes — but not the way intended

The researchers examined the Nationwide Inpatient Sample to evaluate how duty-hour restrictions impacted complications, mortality, length of stay and charges for patients who underwent spine surgery. Data was examined for patients who underwent spine surgery from 2000 to 2002 and then after the reform was enacted from 2005 to 2008.

10 spine, neurosurgeons in the headlines this week

Los Angeles-based Health pointer welcomed neurosurgeon Thomas Chappell, MD, to its medical staff.Spine surgeon Daniel Murrey, MD, CEO of Ortho Carolina, was featured in The Charlotte Observer discussing the practice’s bundled payment program.Atlanta-based More house College honored Alvin Crawford, MD, with its “Candle in the Dark” award presented annually to individuals who distinguish themselves in service, achievement, leadership.

How robotic spine surgery works

Eighty percent of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their life – that is an epidemic! A lot of my patients have very serious spine conditions and conventional methods such as physical therapy and prescription medication doesn’t work for them. They need a permanent solution to their problem, but spine surgery was always considered to be a last resort.

Scripps is First in West to Use New Robotic Spine Surgery

Doctors at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas have become the first west of the Rocky Mountains to perform spinal fusion surgery using a new sophisticated robotic-guided technology that brings a new level of accuracy to these delicate operations.

Robot revolution? 70 spine surgeons using robotic systems

Robotic technology for orthopedic and spine surgery procedures is evolving, and surgeon opinions and use are changing as well. A recent panel at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting discussed robotic technology and recent data released. Click here to read that article.

Why Robots Are Making Spine Surgery Better and Safer

You probably know someone personally who has experienced back pain. That’s because back pain is not only common, it’s an epidemic! An estimated 75 to 85 percent of all Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime.

Scripps Encinitas Doctors First in West to Perform Spine Surgery with New Advanced Robotic Technology

Encinitas CA—Doctors at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas have become the first west of the Rocky Mountains to perform spinal fusion surgery using a new sophisticated robotic-guided technology that brings a new level of accuracy to these delicate operations.

Contribution of Round vs. Rectangular Expandable Cage Endcaps to Spinal Stability in a Cadaveric Corpectomy Model

Expandable cages are gaining popularity in anterior reconstruction of the thoracolumbar spine following corpectomy as they can provide adjustable distraction and deformity correction. Rectangular, rather than circular, endcaps provide increased resistance to subsidence by spanning the apophyseal ring.

Positional MRI: A Valuable Tool in the Assessment of Cervical Disc Bulge

Positional MRI (pMRI) has recently been proposed as an alternative to conventional MRI techniques. pMRI offers the advantage of assessing cervical spine pathology in the neutral, flexion, and extension positions. pMRI also allows examination of the cervical spine in a more physiologic, weight-bearing position as compared to traditional supine MRI imaging.

Interview with Dr Moazzaz on advances in robotic spine surgery

Robotic spine surgery is very new, less than 10 years old. There are only 10 hospitals in the US offering it and we are the second hospital in California to offer this technology.

Lumbar Disk Herniation and Degenerative Disk Disease in Athletes

This work reviews the epidemiology, evaluation, treatment, and return-to-play guidelines for athletes with degenerative disk disease and herniated nucleus pulposus. Although most athletes with degenerative disk disease and herniated nucleus pulposus improve with conservative treatment, athletes with persistent symptoms may benefit from lumbar discectomy surgery.

Find a surgeon using Mazor Robotics Technology

The Mazor Core is the collaboration of four key technologies in Mazor’s systems to provide predictable, efficient and precise surgical procedures.

Tri-City Moves to Forefront in California in the Use of Mazor Robotic Surgery

Tri-City Medical Center has become one of the nation’s leading hospitals in robotic surgery. Using the Mazor Renaissance guidance system, the medical center has performed 201 Mazor Robotic surgeries over an 18-month period. This number is unprecedented in California. In addition, no patient has returned for revision surgery.

49 Spine Surgeons Using Robotic Technology

While the number of spine surgeons certified to perform robot spine surgery is still small, the ranks of robotics-certified physicians are growing. Here are 49 spine surgeons that operate with robotic assistance.