Artificial Disc Replacement


Artificial disc replacement is now the talk of the orthopedic science and industry.
“Artificial disc replacement is emerging as an alternative to spinal fusion for the surgical treatment of severe disc problems….Cervical disc replacement has made great strides since the first cervical disc was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007.” reports Spine Universe (
“Artificial spinal disc replacement is not only possible but it has the potential of revolutionizing the treatment of spinal degeneration and providing relief to millions of back pain sufferers,” Spine Universe also reports. “The development of an artificial disc still has many challenges, but the results from initial efforts have been promising. Stay tuned…the future is bright.”
And Spine Health asserts that “The artificial disc offers several theoretical benefits over the spinal fusion for chronic back pain, including:

Artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure in which an intervertebral disc in the lumbar (lower back) or cervical (neck) regions is replaced with a synthetic disc consisting of biomimetic plastics and metals that replicates natural function of the spine for enhanced functioning of the joints and reduced pressure against the spinal cord and nerve roots.

This is a innovative procedure that is proving a viable alternative to conventional spinal fusion surgery, in which the damaged disc is replaced with bone and two vertebrae are fused together for greater enhanced stability. While this may resolve inflammation and instability that was causing discomfort and pain, this procedure may hinder flexibility and shift pressure to other vertebrae. A greater recovery time is required for spinal fusion, to allow the bone graft to solidify. With artificial disc replacement, by contrast, patients are encouraged to resume movement gradually to facilitate recovery to get up and moving again. The ability to move is crucial to one’s existence, and the ultimate surgical procedure will return that precious gift to the lives of back pain sufferers. Artificial disk replacement is a perfect example of just such a surgery.

Yet before this or any surgical procedure is continued, Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine will attempt less invasive alternative treatments like injections, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

This new method of remedying degenerative disc disease has been in practice for 10 years, while spinal fusion is a more established and extensively researched procedure. At New Era Spine, Dr. Moazzaz will determine the right treatments and procedures for your individual condition. With more than a decade of experience in the orthopedic field, he brings experience, skill and compassion to the operating table. This resume alone renders him one of the finest specialists in the area of orthopedic spine surgery San Diego has to offer.

Other factors considered in candidacy are:

  • are considered to have one or two degenerated discs as the source of their pain
  • are not overweight
  • have had no prior back surgeries
  • do not have spinal deformities such as scoliosis
  • do not have significant bony compression or joint disease


Advantages Of Artificial Disk Replacement Are:

  • Maintaining normal neck motion
  • Reducing degeneration of adjacent parts of the spine
  • Eliminating the need for a bone graft
  • Faster recovery of neck motion
  • Faster return to normal activity

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine to assess your back pain condition and your likelihood as a candidate for artificial disc replacement. He knows and believes that every patient needs special and individualized treatment. At New Era Spine, we will ensure that you understand your condition and all possible courses of treatment; and that you receive a personalized consultation custom designed to meet your needs. This is what makes Dr. Payam Moazzaz among the top specialists in the field of orothopaedic spine surgery san diego has to offer.